Mobility Tech Green is an engineering and services company which commercialises and develops a global technologic solution (on-board equipment, computerised management, mobile application) for car-sharing and self-service vehicles under the e-Colibri® brand.

Mobility Tech Green offers innovating, efficient and quality technologic tools in constant evolution for the car sharing field. It is an actor on the car-sharing and self-service vehicle markets, and it is more generally present on the one of the classic car rental (mainly B to B for SMB) for short-term and long-term rentals. Mobility Tech Green’s creation in May 2009 was derived from a former car-sharing activity present in Rennes, City Roul which was created in 2002 by Pascal Roux. During the exploitation, the decision has been made to develop the proprietary technology, e-Colibri. In order to continue the technical development and to improve its funding, Mobility Tech Green was created in 2009 with one main goal : to commercialise and develop its technology. Mobility Tech Green is controlled by the founders who have gained those last 8 years a significative experience and only want one thing : generalise a B2B car sharing in Europe.



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ITS 2009 (Intelligent Transport Systems) winner of the “smart mobility” category

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Crisalide 2010 eco-activities 

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Winner of the sustainable mobilities for the electric vehicles category

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