With more than 12 years of experience in the B2B car-sharing field, Mobility Tech Green offers different types of car sharing solutions to answer to your mobility issues. 

Are you a Fleet or a Mobility manager ? Your company needs to cut travel costs ? Mobility Tech Green commercialises 3 car-sharing offers for companies and local authorities :

 A tailored car-sharing offer totally adjustable allowing the management of your car-sharing park.

 A packaged car-sharing offer including the IT system and the on-board M2M technology.

 A car-sharing offer directly proposing car-sharing vehicles.

Onboard kit 

autopartage ecolibri

Onboard e-Colibri Box computer 

The new version of our e-Colibri computer benefits from the latest technologies to support all types of car-sharing services. Thanks to a design focused on user experience, the e-Colibri Box onboard computer can be used to connect your vehicle to the internet and make it ‘smart’.

RFID & NFC reader

Specially designed for car-sharing services, our scanner can be used to read RFID and NFC technologies.There are therefore many different possibilities since the vehicle is now accessible via an access badge, a smartphone, a smartwatch, or via our remote control technology.

End of booking button

Finally, the onboard kit includes an end of booking button enabling users to instantly terminate a booking. This is a very practical feature, releasing the vehicle from a booking and making it accessible once again to other members of the service !

e-Colibri carsharing


Booking front office

Our booking platform has been designed to offer a high-quality service and to be intuitive for end users. Accessible via PC & smartphone, it is also available in the form of a fully customizable application. Finally, the front office includes booking management, access to user account information, the option of extending a booking, and booking confirmation via SMS & email.

Management back office

Drawing on decades of experience alongside fleet managers, e-Colibri facilitates car-sharing service management in order to rationalize the costs of your fleet. It includes real-time vehicle and subscriber management, vehicle management and maintenance, as well as an advanced statistics module enabling complete analysis of your vehicle fleet.

Call center and support service

Mobility Tech Green provides continuous support to its partners for their mobility 2.0 service. A call center for users and administrators is included with our solution. And support also includes software training !

Carebox support 

Custom IT developments

Our IT department is at your disposal to provide custom developments. With Carebox, you can therefore build the car-sharing service which suits you best!

Individual or group training

Our support center will offer you training in the e-Colibri system. You can benefit from several types of training according to your preference: Webinars, remote, or on-site.

Communication support

Our communication department will support you with the launch of your car-sharing service. You can take advantage of a comprehensive package spanning everything from the production of a marketing video for your service to the preparation of an e-Learning course for your users.

Project management

A project manager can be assigned to you to manage the implementation of your system. Acting both as a technical facilitator and a source of ideas, your project manager will offer you their experience in order to organize the right service for you.

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